How to Boost Team Meeting Productivity

How many of the meetings you attended in the past week were as productive as you would have liked? Did everyone show up ready to participate? Were new ideas discussed, and outstanding challenges resolved?

Internal vs. External Processing: What is Your Thinking Style?

Have you ever had a boss who talks so much and shares so many ideas that you never seem to know what to act on?

Three Ways to Rally Down & Out Teams

Recently, Karen (real story, fake name), a successful manufacturing executive, was asked to lead a different area of the organization. The group had been around for three years and was responsible for one of the most...

Elevating Your Role in Talent Strategy Planning

As a human capital leader, you need to be an integral part of your organization’s strategy planning process. Unfortunately, that sometimes means booking the room, supplying the flip charts, and typing the agenda.

Top Four Reasons to Prioritize Employee Experience Now

Employee Experience often gets confused with Employee Engagement. Some people think the difference between the two largely comes down to the name. After all, the results promised by high engagement numbers are those...

You and Your Boss: Two Essential Questions to Help you BOTH Succeed

Imagine you and your boss have been working together for a long time and things are running fairly well. You know each other’s styles, preferences, and communication needs. 

Why Career Management Competencies Matter to Your Organization?

In the world of HR, we have competency models that guide recruiting, learning, performance, and promotion. These models focus in areas of leadership, professional skills, and functional knowledge. What could...

The Four Vital Signs of a Healthy Organization

Most people know that having a regular physical and wellness check-up with your physician can not only resolve health challenges but also proactively identify risk areas for you to watch out for.. I have a great...