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How Leaders Can Guide Teams Through Coronavirus Uncertainty

As the coronavirus spreads across continents it has sent the stock market plunging and businesses scrambling to create contingency plans in the event of a major outbreak in their communities. While we hope that the...

Six Signs You’re Too Close to Your Team

I could tell Linda was upset when I began our coaching session. She had been having challenges with an employee who she had worked with successfully for a long time, but these were not run-of-the-mill problems for...

The Three Questions that Successful CEOs Ask


The Harvard Business Review highlighted four things that set successful CEOs apart; they are decisive, they align goals with stakeholder priorities, they proactively adapt, and they deliver results in a reliable...

Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence: How Do Others React To You?


Emotional intelligence is the key to executive advancement and overall leadership success. This was again brought to light for me when I was recently coaching an executive. Despite delivering reliable business...

Six Keys to Successfully Working With Your Boss

I have been working with a senior executive for several years who possesses a remarkable skill of successfully and consistently working with his bosses.  Being curious to learn his secret, I interviewed him to learn...

Changing Your Approach: Leading Different Processing Styles

The best manager I ever had used to start our one-on-one meetings with this reminder, “Please let me know if I need to change my approach to help you be successful.”

How to Boost Team Meeting Productivity

How many of the meetings you attended in the past week were as productive as you would have liked? Did everyone show up ready to participate? Were new ideas discussed, and outstanding challenges resolved?

Internal vs. External Processing: What is Your Thinking Style?

Have you ever had a boss who talks so much and shares so many ideas that you never seem to know what to act on?