Scenario Planning for an Uncertain World

Well over a month into this global pandemic, your organization is in full crisis management mode, likely in one of three categories – surviving, idling, or thriving.  

Top Five Drivers & Derailers for Successful Change

Through my change management consulting and coaching over the past three decades, I have seen what leaders can do to inspire, guide, and sustain change as they earn the hearts and minds of their people.  On the flip...

Four Steps in Managing the People Side of an Acquisition

Acquisitions are a lot like children.  You think you know what you are getting into but each one turns out to be full of unique surprises.

Six Obstacles to Change and How to Overcome Them

Perhaps no other topic is as relevant and popular today than the omnipresence of organizational change. 

The Four Steps to Manage Constant Change

As I sit down for an executive coaching session or to talk with a CEO about his/her senior team, one of the most frequently cited challenges is how to effectively lead in rapidly changing environments.

Five Steps in Sustaining Personal Change

Over the years, I have witnessed countless attempts by professionals from all walks of life to change some aspect of their behavior in leading others. 

Smart Leaders Follow this Formula for Change

Today, roughly 70% of businesses change efforts aren’t successful. This means that 70% of the well intentioned efforts to transform businesses, improve customer experience and redesign operations fail.

Five Ways to Test Your Ability to Sustain Change

Which is harder, starting something new or sustaining something new?  My money is on sustaining the change, keeping it going, preventing others from slipping back into their comfort zones of old habits.  That is the...